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Founded in 1034 as Aeronaves de Mexico, Aeromexico airline is the national airline Of Mexico. With its primary hub at Mexico City International airport, the carrier operates over 600 flights on a weekly basis. From the 50s through the 80s, the airline grew in Fleet as well as network. It currently shares codes with internationally acclaimed air service providers like Air France, Delta Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, and Korean Air. Call Aeromexico airlines customer care at +1 (855) 440 5959.

Headquartered in Mexico City, Aeromexico Airlines offers an inexpensive, reliable service to nearly 80 destinations across the globe. Though its most expensive route map is Mexico, the carrier provides a Variety of regular flights to North American, South American, and European destinations.

Aeromexico airline cancellation policy 

 If you have booked an airline ticket with Aeromexico airline and now you want to cancel the flight ticket due to any problem or unpredictable Situation. you can cancel the flight ticket At any time before the scheduled departure.

Passenger can cancel their booking either through the Aeromexico sale's office or website. All cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee.

As the situation changes with coronavirus (COVID 19)Aeromexico will continuously update its policies accordingly. Please contact Aeromexico airlines customer care at +1 (855) 440 5959 for the latest information about the cancellation fee.

Aeromexico Airlines Customer Care | Aeromexico Airlines customer service

When you do a reservation with us, we give you a world-class experience with the best of in-flight amenities, you can imagine that will make your air travel the most memorable and pleasurable ever.

Some such services include Wi-Fi connectivity (available in all our aircraft), choice of entertainment like T.V series, music, and movies (can also be streamed into your device), and mouth-watering meal services.

At Aeromexico Airlines we are always on our best to provide you with all sorts of facilities at a very nominal amount. If you seek to book your ticket with us, call our team today. We are eagerly waiting. Call Aeromexico airlines customer service phone number at +1 (855) 440 5959.

The baggage policy of Aeromexico airline 

The Aeromexico baggage allowance is determined by your flight destinations and cabin class. You can check at least one piece of luggage Free of charge and carry on One item and one personal item at no additional charge on most flights. Also to avoid baggage fees, your bags must adhere to the airline's size and weight limitations.

Regardless of your flight destination or cabin class, you can check at least one piece of luggage free of charge. Aeromexico baggage fees are associated with Access baggage, pets, and other items. Such as sports equipment. You may also face fees if your luggage exceeds the Airline's weight and size restrictions. For more details about such Call Aeromexico airlines customer care at +1 (855) 440 5959.

Aeromexico Airlines Customer Care | Aeromexico airline Check-in information Aeromexico Airlines Customer Care

  • Domestic flights - Passengers can check-in Online 48 hours to the scheduled departure time. Check-in is available online via computer or mobile device and at kiosks at the airport.
  • International flights - Passengers can check-in online 24 hours to the scheduled departure time.

It is recommended that passengers should reach the airport no later than 1 hour before domestic departure in 2 hours before international departures with Aeromexico. Passengers should not that average waiting X vary across the airport. Aeromexico passengers should also be aware That those holding a v class ticket. Are only entitled to carry on Luggage And no checked baggage is included free of charge. For check-in details Call Aeromexico airlines customer care at +1 (855) 440 5959.

Aeromexico airline pet policy

Aeromexico allows small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin Of the aircraft. weight of the pet and kennel must not exceed 22 pounds and the kennel should not exceed 17.5 long ×12 wide ×7 5 high when compressed.

Aeromexico welcomes small dogs and kittens to fly in the cabin if the flight is less than 6 hours in length. A passenger is allowed to bring 1 pet on board with them. Please make sure your pet is nice and clean before flying. During the flight, they need to remain in their carrier. As a general rule, dogs younger than sixteen weeks are not allowed to travel with Aeromexico. The maximum weight for flying in the cabin on some flights is 7kg. Call Aeromexico airlines customer care at +1 (855) 440 5959.

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